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Take the 4-minute confidential test to discover whether your body is Melancholic, Choleric, Sanguine, or Phlegmatic, and get a personalized overview on what to do about it.


Why Take The Body Temperament Test?

Getting Healthy starts with discovering your body's true needs by understanding the "programming" you were born with.
No more wasting time on the one-size-fits-all type of misinformation that we all get overwhelmed by every single day.

Take "The 4 Body Temperaments Test" and understand whether your body's hidden essence is hot & dry/hot & wet/cold & dry/cold & wet ...and what you can do with it.


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Anne's Story About Her Body Temperament & Health Transformation

“I Highly recommend Dr Shabana Parvez’s Arlington Integrative healthcare services; under her guidance I have managed to improve my sleep hygiene and levels of dietary nutrition. These changes additionally led to other benefits such as feeling less stressed and being noticeably calmer ”


Anne-Marie Gabrielle Ormandy

Professional Esthetician and Holistic Therapist

United Kingdom


Caleb's Story About His Body Temperament & Health Transformation

Hello My name is Caleb Gear and I started seeing Dr Parvez about 2 months ago.

I suffer from accoladia which is a problem of swallowing and I’ve had the difficulties swallowing for about 8 years now also I got sick in the summer and I’ve had lingering effect from it and tired and no motivation which got me into seeing Dr Parvez and she evaluated me with her naturopathic system and taught me a lot about my body type and what I should be doing in the mornings and ever since then I’ve had much better result swallowing.

I’ve had more energy and motivation and a better lifestyle. I would highly recommend her.

Caleb Gear


Omar's Story About His Body Temperament & Health Transformation

For years I struggled with high cholesterol despite being extremely health-conscious.
I was an absolute die-hard health freak and read everything about health and measured all my numbers religiously. I avoided gluten, dairy, and sugar and still was struggling with gut and digestive issues as well as migraines.

Dr. Parvez diagnosed my temperament and my imbalance, and after one session of wet cupping, my headaches went away. After implementing her dietary recommendations for my body temperament type, my good cholesterol came up to a normal level for the first time in my life, and my digestion came back to normal.

This information will change your life - It did for me!


Cheyenne's Story About Her Body Temperament & Health Transformation

My name is Chayenne and I have struggled with weight and high blood pressure for the past 10 years. I have tried many diets and different programs but nothing has worked as a long term solution.

The weight would just come right back. I didn’t find anything that was long lasting that I really liked and that I felt worked for me. So, After consulting with Dr Parvez, I made the connection that I was eating the wrong foods for my body type and that whether your body type is hot or cold or dry or wet makes a difference in the type of foods you consume.

Not only if you are eating carbs and sugars to lose weight but that actually different foods, no matter what food groups they are in they can help or harm your body.

Now I have a new understanding of what my body needs and it has helped me keep everything in balance and my health has improved greatly. I feel much better, I sleep a lot better, i have lowered my blood pressure, I have more energy throughout the day and lasting energy that doesn’t just fizzle out. Dr Parvez has helped me with all of these and I highly recommend her program. She has really helped me improve my lifestyle choices.



Hayat's Story About Her Body Temperament & Health Transformation

I was so frustrated and done dealing with adult acne, especially since I never had it in high school when everyone else did. It suddenly popped up in my mid-twenties, and I had to spend tons of money on skincare and expensive treatment to keep it under control barely.

Having such inflamed and greasy skin felt ...yuck!
Ar some point, I just gave up.

Then I spoke to Dr. Shabana, and she immediately pointed out that I had a phlegm problem. My temperament is cold and wet, which means I'm prone to acne! Even worse, I was eating exactly that which increases phlegm, thus increases acne.
I stopped eating dairy, among other things Dr. Shabana advised, and FINALLY, I got my skin in check. Thank you so much, Dr. Shabana!